We love designing with wool. We always start with the best 
pure wool quality available. When we mix it with our high-end polyester, we achieve a whole new level of quality - Our LANA line: soft, elegant and very subtle. Perfect for every interior.


   60x120cm      kr.    950,-
   80x140cm      kr. 1.490,-
   120x170cm    kr. 2.500,-
   135x200cm    kr. 3.250,-
   160x230cm    kr. 4.400,-
   200x290cm    kr. 6.950,-

  Quality type:
  pure new wool 40%
  polyester 40%,hspp 20%
  Pile height:
  ca. 30 mm
  95.000 points/sqm
  approx. 3.900 gr/m2

Kvalitet som setter ny standard loer ikke, mykhet og lunhet i særklasse

Kvaliteten i Lana er like høy som tepper til mange ganger prisen.

Lava Grey

Silver Grey

Creme White